Cheese Spread Druzhba Fat 55% 90g

This cheese is a light yellow hue and a soft texture, moderately dense consistency, perfect for easy spreading on bread or crackers. With a subtle unobtrusive aroma, it offers a mild, nearly neutral taste with a hint of sweetness and a creamy, milky texture. Experience the culinary charm of Processed Cheese Druzhba, a classic from Soviet times, and unlock a world of culinary possibilities with this nostalgic favorite.
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The versatility of Druzhba cheese is remarkable. From classic sandwiches to Soviet-era soup enhancements, this cheese finds its way into various delightful dishes. Freeze and grate it into delicious salads, craft flavorful sandwich spreads with herbs, or use it to create fillings for tarts and stuffed vegetables. It's the secret ingredient for creamy casseroles, julienne dishes, and numerous other mouthwatering creations.

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