Seasoning Adjika Russian Appetite 15g

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Buckwheat Uvelka - 800g

Buckwheat Uvelka - 800g

In ancient Slavs buckwheat porridge was considered "food of the heroes", and brought it to Russia from Greece. The motherland of buckwheat is the highlands of the Himalayas, where its wild species still grow. In Russia the name "buckwheat" came from the "supplier country" - Greece, but in Western Europe (Portugal, Spain and France) it was called Arabian or Saracen grains.
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CLEARANCE-Seaweed Snack with Chilli Zigmas 5g

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Picture of Classic Cottage Cheese BANDI 0.5% fat - 500g

Classic Cottage Cheese BANDI 0.5% fat - 500g

Probably everyone knows that cottage cheese is one of the most useful fermented milk products. In addition to excellent taste qualities, curd has many healing and healing properties for the body. Unique properties of cottage cheese are due to the technology of manufacturing this product. During the preparation of cottage cheese, the most valuable components are extracted from milk - easily digestible protein and milk fat.