CLEARANCE-Seasoning Dry Yeast Russian Appetite 11g

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Picture of Vanilla Cheesecakes Bandi 45g

Vanilla Cheesecakes Bandi 45g

Bandi Vanilla Cheesecake Bars are a delightful blend of creamy cheesecake and aromatic vanilla, all packed into a convenient 45g bar. Each bar is a perfect treat for those who love the indulgence of cheesecake and the classic flavor of vanilla. These cheesecake bars are produced in Lithuania.
Spice Vanillin RA 1.5g

Spice Vanillin RA 1.5g

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Fish Dried Bream Sealed Dauparu 150 g

Seafood Dried Bream Sealed Dauparu is a premium quality fish that is made using traditional techniques to preserve the natural flavors of the fish. Bream fish that has been dried and sealed to ensure freshness and to prevent spoilage. Approximately 150g by weight and price may vary
Picture of CLEARANCE-Sunflower Seeds Roasted Black XXL Monarch 100g

CLEARANCE-Sunflower Seeds Roasted Black XXL Monarch 100g

BEST BEFORE: 05.2023 Sunflower seeds contain a lot of fat-soluble vitamins and vegetable fats. Fatty acids, contained in seeds, contribute to slowing down the aging process and lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.
$4.99 $2.99
Picture of CLEARANCE-Seasoning for Shrimp Russian Appetite 15g

CLEARANCE-Seasoning for Shrimp Russian Appetite 15g

BEST BEFORE: 03.06.2023
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Picture of Grain Buckwheat Roasted in bags Biorina 400g

Grain Buckwheat Roasted in bags Biorina 400g

Gluten-free buckwheat groats for your health and a good start of a day. Dieticians and nutrition experts recommend starting a day healthy by eating a bowl of nutrition porridge for breakfasts. However, unlike many imagine, not all groats are easily digested. Today some people do not tolerate certain cereal products due to the protein gluten. Such people have to choose food products very carefully at shops by looking at the labels for “gluten-free”. Buckwheat groats are the source of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, cobalt, B group vitamins, folate, vitamins PP and E. Also, there is a lot of starch, protein, sugar, oil, organic acids, riboflavin, and thiamine in them. There are a lot of free bioactive compounds that have a stronger antioxidant effect in hulled (raw) buckwheat groats. Heat-treated buckwheat groats contain a large amount of quercetin (a green pigment that is 400 times stronger than vitamin E, with antiviral and antiphlogistic effect as well as it is very important to boosting of the immune system). Unroasted (raw) buckwheat groats contain the most rutin that is typical to buckwheat. However, the most important thing that buckwheat is gluten-free groats. So people who have to stick to the rules and eat gluten-free products can eat these groats without fear. Product of Lithuania.