Black Sturgeon Caviar Osetra Caspian Baku 50g

Exclusive. Limited stock. Sturgeon of the Caspian Sea produce what is claimed to be the highest quality caviar and has been the source of most of the caviar in global trade from wild stocks historically. No preservatives were used!
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First time in the Skazka store history we got Beluga caviar and Russian sturgeon caviar which are the most premium types of sturgeon caviar. Russian Sturgeon caviar: it’s usually black or tawny brown in colour with medium grains and a sweet almond flavour.

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Black sturgeon caviar is an expensive and rare delicacy. Due to its high cost, this caviar is available only to a small population of people. In the world, black caviar is traditionally associated with Russian and Iran cuisine. In any country in the world, among many other delicacies, sturgeon caviar is still the queen of the table, being a symbol of luxury and gastronomic sophistication.