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Picture of Grain Buckwheat in bags 400g

Grain Buckwheat in bags 400g

In ancient Slavs buckwheat porridge was considered "food of the heroes", and brought it to Russia from Greece. The motherland of buckwheat is the highlands of the Himalayas, where its wild species still grow. In Russia the name "buckwheat" came from the "supplier country" - Greece, but in Western Europe (Portugal, Spain and France) it was called Arabian or Saracen grains.
Picture of Pork Best Time Can 400g

Pork Best Time Can 400g

Meat - the main source of protein, so it is important to use this product every day in sufficient quantities.
Picture of Caramel Candies Gusinyye lapki

Caramel Candies Gusinyye lapki

Candies "Gusinyye lapki" - a favorite delicacy of many who grew up in the Soviet Union. Dark bars of crispy interlaced caramel with pearly tint and bright creamy-nutty taste. Inside - a filling of cocoa-sweet with the addition of peanuts and almonds, velvety and soft, perfectly complementing the crispy caramel shell. Taste familiar from childhood.
Picture of Chocolate Candies Lady night apricot

Chocolate Candies Lady night apricot

Candy Lady Night with dried apricots wrapped. Original sweets based on whipped cream souffle and dried apricots, glazed and decorated with dark chocolate glaze.
Croutons mini raisins 200g

CLEARANCE-Rusks with Raisins Mini Franzeluta 200g

BEST BEFORE: 18.02.2024 Croutons mini raisins perfectly match with tea or milk
$4.99 $3.50
Picture of Green Peas Globus 400ml

Green Peas Globus 400ml

Picture of Jam Prunes without seed Lux 500g
Lentil in bags easy cooking 480g
Picture of Dried Parsley LEIS 50g

Dried Parsley LEIS 50g

Picture of Soap Table 72% Sila 200g

Soap Table 72% Sila 200g

Picture of Soap Table 72% Ulan 200g
Picture of Spice for Pilau plov Chef's Recipes 40g
Picture of CLEARANCE-Spice Liquid Smoke 330ml

CLEARANCE-Spice Liquid Smoke 330ml

BEST BEFORE:20.01.2024
$7.99 $5.50
Picture of Soap Tar Shik 140g

Soap Tar Shik 140g

Picture of Wine White Francusa Cotnari Dry 11.5% alc 750ml
Picture of Yeast LEIS 20g

Yeast LEIS 20g

Spice Mustard powder Glavtorg - 200g

CLEARANCE-Spice Mustard powder Glavtorg - 200g

BEST BEFORE: 4.12.2023
$4.99 $3.50
Dry Rosehip natural instant Health - 100g
Beetroot soup with pasta Amino 69g