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Picture of Biscuits Eugenia Original 360g

Biscuits Eugenia Original 360g

For Romanians, Eugenia cookies are more than just a brand, it is the taste of childhood, student years and just youth, and for those who live abroad, it is also the taste of their home.
Picture of Biscuits Letters Ural 400g

Biscuits Letters Ural 400g

Babies usually like when you can play with letters with fold words, especially when they are also edible. Enjoy your kids with a delicate taste!
Picture of Biscuits Oat 7ja 300g

Biscuits Oat 7ja 300g

This product is familiar, perhaps, to all and has long been deserved popularity. Very tasty biscuits - on top with a crispy crust, and inside - soft.
Picture of Biscuits Zoo shapes 500g

Biscuits Zoo shapes 500g

Short dough cookies in the form of animals, made according to the classical unified recipe
Picture of CLEARANCE-Cake Waffle Korovka RF 200g

CLEARANCE-Cake Waffle Korovka RF 200g

BEST BEFORE: 07.11.2023 Wafers cake "Korovka" is created for fans of delicate taste of melted milk. Crispy waffle plates, fragrant cream layer with a sweet flavor of melted milk and soft creamy taste, wavy ripples of chocolate glaze, giving the cake a light tart note.
$7.99 $5.99
Picture of Cake waffle Mishka Kosolapiy BKK 250g

Cake waffle Mishka Kosolapiy BKK 250g

Cake "Mishka Kosolapiy" is an assortment of mini-cakes in a convenient box with individual cells. Layers of air crisp wafers are smeared with a fragrant nut-cream cream, covered with chocolate glaze and a sprinkle of chocolate and nut crumbs.
Picture of Cake waffle pastry Trio 120g

Cake waffle pastry Trio 120g

These are round wafer sheets in three colours: green, white and brown. They keep their shape perfectly. They are very useful when preparing for big occasions when you need to quickly prepare a huge number of original dishes. The sheets are simple and easy to use. With such a product, even a novice in cooking will be able to prepare an incredibly tasty dish.
Picture of Chocolate Bar with Rum 30g

Chocolate Bar with Rum 30g

Rom Cel Mare is a Romanian Chocolate Bar. It is a delicious chocolate bar with creamy rum flavored middle.
Picture of Chocolate Candies Lady night prunes

Chocolate Candies Lady night prunes

Candy Lady Night with prunes wrapped Original sweets based on a whipped cream souffle and prunes, glazed and decorated with dark chocolate frosting.
Picture of Chocolate Candies Otlomi Akkond

Chocolate Candies Otlomi Akkond

Waffle sweets "Otlomi" - nine-layer wafer sweets coated with milk caramel and sprinkled with peanuts and airy rice, glazed with milk chocolate glaze.
Picture of Condensed milk caramel 33 cows 397g

Condensed milk caramel 33 cows 397g

Delicious, boiled, whole condensed milk!
Picture of Jam Walnut LUX 500g

Jam Walnut LUX 500g

Picture of Rings biscuits Salted Boromir 250g
Picture of Rings cracknel Little Salted 400g
Picture of Sweet bar Glucose 100g

Sweet bar Glucose 100g

Picture of Waffles for Pastry Trio 200g
Picture of Waffles Artek LEDO 300g

Waffles Artek LEDO 300g

Picture of Gingerbread Tula with fruits 140g

Gingerbread Tula with fruits 140g

Traditional "Tula gingerbread" with fruit filling based on apple puree. Ingredients: apple puree, honey, eggs. A famous gift from Tula.