Wine Blue Nun RIESLING 9% 3L

Great wine with sweet and fruity with a floral, green apple smell. Smooth wine beautiful structure and rich smooth taste. Made by Germany’s leading wine producer.
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There is almost no other wine that is so defining for German white wine like the Riesling.

With its racy acidity and a true firework of aromas, the Riesling has become the fashionable drink of modern epicures. Cultivated in the Rhine region, the fully ripe, golden grapes are harvested, then de-stemmed and gently pressed.

Once in the glass, its intensive aroma points to its noble provenance. On the palate, it shines with a slight residual sweetness and fruit acidity full of character.

Excellent with light stews, chicken, vegetables, Asian cuisine and fish dishes.

Made by Germany’s leading wine producer

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